World-Wide Communion 2017 – Harry’s Letter

Dear Friends,

Even the most wealthy, famous and powerful people still need to eat. Some of us (not me) are so busy we hardly take time to sleep, but we still need to eat. There are those who are incredibly wise, gifted and accomplished but they still need to eat.  We are all made in the image and likeness of God, but we still need to eat.

It’s almost as though God built into us a common feature to keep us from getting too high on our horses – we need to eat. This need is not only humbling but also unifying. When we eat together we bond; we form community; we signal our acceptance of one another.  Food connects us even across national boundaries. These days we are able to enjoy new foods and dishes from more corners of the world than ever before. It’s not just Chinese and pizza. It’s Syrian and Thai and Indian and Ethiopian. Partaking of this variety helps give us a sense of the global human village.

I expect you see where I’m going here. Universality (world-wide-ness), Communion and Thanksgiving are tied together around the theme of food. Thanksgiving is traditionally about the harvest, and although there are scads of other things to be thankful for, that’s high on the list. We may not live to eat but we sure eat to live. It’s not a surprise, then, that the Saviour, who is Life, uses food imagery to describe himself (Jn. 6:33-35). The Bible is chock-full of food talk, from the provision in creation (Genesis 1:29) through Jesus’ feeding the 5,000 (Matt. 14) to the earliest church suppers (Acts 2:46).

The night before he died Jesus shared a meal with his friends and when we re-enact that meal we do so ‘in remembrance of Him’, and He is with us. We’ll be doing this on Thanksgiving Sunday, October 8th and you are invited and welcome. Be present at our table, Lord.

In Christ’s love,


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