Live online services for Good Friday and Easter Sunday

Haliburton Pastoral Charge services for Good Friday and Easter Sunday will be held live online (“streamed”) at 10:30 a.m. on April 10 and 12.

The services will also be recorded for later viewing.

Directions for watching the live services are below. Please note that if there are technical difficulties, the current session may need to be stopped and a new session started. If this happens, refresh your screen often and watch for a new “Live Now” button.

How to Live Stream

“Live streaming” enables you to watch a video feed (stream) live on the Internet while it’s being recorded.

To live stream a service,

  1. Double-click on this message link:  This will take you to Harry’s YouTube “channel” page where you’ll find all his recorded messages.
  2. Look for the most recent video image (far left) with the title you want to watch and click on the “Live Now” box in the corner of the image. This will take you to the page for that video.
  3. If you don’t see the video you want or you don’t see the Live Now button, you have opened the channel page too early and you will need to keep refreshing it, OR you need to click on the video image to go to that video page first, and then click on the Live Now button you’ll find there, OR there have been technical difficulties and a new live stream will start momentarily, OR you have opened the channel page after the live stream ended, in which case you can watch the recording at any time.
  4. When the service is over the video will stop automatically.

You can receive an email alert any time Harry publishes a new video. To set this up, use the link to go to Harry’s YouTube channel page and then click on the “Subscribe” button at the top right-hand corner of the page.

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