Leadership & Administration

Official Board

The Official Board is comprised of members of Session and the Board of Stewards. The Official Board meets quarterly to discuss and ratify key decisions made by Session and Stewards. This Board is also part of the Haliburton Pastoral Charge Official Board.


Known as Elders, members of Session are full members of Haliburton United Church (HUC) who have been chosen by the congregation to oversee the spiritual interests of the church and of the pastoral charge. Learn more

Board of Stewards

Members of the Board of Stewards of Haliburton United Church (HUC) are elected by the congregation to manage the temporal and financial affairs of the church and of the pastoral charge. Learn more

Reverend Harry Morgan, B.A., M.Div.

Harry grew up in Minden, attended church at Minden United and was known as Harold until he hit the University of Toronto. His name wasn’t the only thing that changed there. Harry began his first year studying science and math, but God had other plans.  Learn more

Melissa Stephens, Music Director

Melissa serves as music director, organist and pianist for the Haliburton United Church choir as well as keyboardist for contemporary music Sundays and other events at the church. A resident of Haliburton for more than 30 years, this accomplished pianist, organist, flautist and music director is an artistic force to be reckoned with in Haliburton County and beyond.  Learn more

Lynne Bertrand, Administrative Assistant

Lynne has served as administrative assistant for Haliburton United Church and as administrative assistant and treasurer for the entire three-point Haliburton Pastoral Charge since 2001. Lynne’s the person to call If you wish to book an event or a room or put something on the church or pastoral charge calendar  Learn more

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