Monthly Missions

HUC’s mission for May is the manse. May is Manse Month for the Haliburton Pastoral Charge. The upkeep of the manse is the responsibility of all churches in the charge, and each year in May, the Manse Committee asks church members to prayerfully consider contributing to the manse account to support repairs.

This year, while several repairs are needed, the committee’s main goal is to install thermal windows to reduce heating costs.

If you’d like to donate to this mission, please do so by cheque or electronic funds transfer (EFT) to the church with Monthly Mission marked on your offering envelope or in the EFT “Message” box. Your support will be forwarded to the mission. To learn more, visit the Giving page.

Upcoming Missions

Selecting Missions

HUC’s Stewardship and Mission Committee prayerfully considers requests for support and selects six missions twice a year for local, national and international outreach. Donations may be made to any mission at any time.

For more information about HUC outreach, visit the Community Support page.

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