Mission Statement

The Mission of Haliburton United Church is to know Christ and make Him known.

To this end, with God’s help, we will strive:

To diligently seek and obey God’s will as revealed by His Son Jesus Christ, and made known in Scripture;

To be a welcoming community that seeks to receive, enjoy and share the unconditional love of God in Jesus;

To witness to all people the Good News that Jesus is the Messiah, Son of the Living God, and to invite all people to accept Him as Lord and Saviour;

To enable all people to both collectively and individually, worship the triune God with joy and gratitude;

To serve and nurture one another through discipleship, fellowship, teaching, compassionate ministry and accountability;

To be faithful stewards in the use of our time, gifts, possessions and abilities; and

To love, glorify, serve and enjoy God, and put Him at the centre of our lives.

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