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Minutes for Mission: Jason

Watch Jason’s story on YouTube There’s a saying: “You can’t understand another person’s experience until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” Today, there are 2,900 active and aspiring ministry personnel in The United Church of Canada, and you have travelled alongside them in their journey. Your gifts through Mission & Service support ministry students […]

Minutes for Mission: Jesse, Part 2

After a brain injury and the death of his mother, Jesse found himself homeless and sleeping in a storage unit. Now, thanks to employment training and support programs run by Mission & Service partner Stella’s Circle combined with his hard work, Jesse is a trained greenhouse technician. He leads a new social enterprise that grows […]

Minutes for Mission: Jesse

The transformation that began on Palm Sunday is at the heart of the Easter story. It’s at the heart of Jesse’s story too.   When he was 12 years old, Jesse had a traumatic brain injury. His life instantly changed because his brain didn’t function the way it once did. By the time he was 17, Jesse had been hospitalized 32 times. […]

Minutes for Mission: Aria

We all know what it’s like to need a fresh start. But some of us have more support systems and opportunities in place to help us get the new beginning we need. Aria was in the third year of getting a law degree when she discovered she was pregnant. Without close family to lean on […]