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Warning: Watch for Spam Email

A spam email is circulating using an email address that references Haliburton United Church: It includes Rev. Harry’s photo, taken from the website. The current subject line is “Task(Urgent)”. If you receive an email from this address, do not reply to it. Instead, report it as spam/junk/phishing to your email service provider. If you […]

HUC closes in accordance with provincial shutdown

Haliburton United Church is closing again for Sunday services and other gatherings of more than 10 people. The closure is effective December 26 until January 23 in accordance with the province-wide shutdown announced by the provincial government on December 21. The shutdown is an effort to flatten the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in […]

Monthly missions support put on hold

Please be advised that the Stewardship and Mission Committee has officially put a hold on supporting selected missions until June 1. The missions support for April and May (Sleeping Children Around The World and Hellenic Ministries) will be deferred to June and July respectively. In the meantime, anyone who still wishes to make a donation […]

Cross Installation at HUC

Those travelling near Haliburton United Church will notice a difference now, especially at night. HUC’s new lighted cross was installed on Tuesday, April 7. The new cross shines brightly even before nightfall, serving as a beacon of hope for the community. Thanks go to the Board of Stewards for overseeing the project, and for managing […]

Easter Services Update – Harry’s Letter

Hi Everyone, I started by using the webcam on a laptop but have graduated to a video camera.  By last Sunday we’d added kids’ pictures and hymns with words for singing along. This Friday is Good Friday and at 10:30 we will be streaming a service which Melissa Stephens has put together. This will include […]

Streaming again on March 29th, 10:30 a.m. – Harry’s letter

Hi all, From emails and phone conversations this week it appears everyone is staying home and safe and healthy. I’ve been going to the church office most days but staying quite cloistered. Lynne is sometimes there at a  distance. I’ve been learning how to make videos with sound added to pictures and such. I have a long […]

A song for the times – Harry’s posting

HUC begins live streaming services – Harry’s letter

Hi Everyone, We’ve got a plan to live stream a message on Sunday at 10 a.m. I’m just using the webcam on a laptop. We’ve tried it out a bit and it seems to work well. I’ll go live about 9:45 so people can be connected ahead of time. For those with more computer confidence there […]

Announcements for Sunday, August 25

Upcoming Gospel Readings Aug 25: Luke 13:10-17 Sept 8: Luke 14:25-33 Sept 15: Luke 15:1-10 Sept 22: Luke 16:1-13 Readings are subject to change. Haliburton Pastoral Charge Men’s breakfast and time of fellowship Saturday, September 7th, 8:30 – 9:30 a.m.  Come and enjoy a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs.  All men are welcome. Fall […]

Announcements for Sunday, August 18

Upcoming Gospel Readings Aug 18: Luke 12:49-56 Aug 25: Luke 13:10-17 Sept 8: Luke 14:25-33 Sept 15: Luke 15:1-10 Readings are subject to change. Haliburton Pastoral Charge Today we welcome Rev. Ron Mahler to our three churches to lead us in worship. Harry is on his annual canoe trip. Fall Fundraiser for the Pregnancy Care […]